Reunion, Days 1 & 2:”We are family. I got all my au pairs with me!”

AU PAIR FAMILY REUNION, DAYS 1 & 2: Days in Munich are flowing by at a slower rate these days–they feel more familiar, but our weekend brought much excitement along with the arrival of 5 special guests, chronologically by arrival to our family so many years ago: Noemi from Switzerland (2011 for 9 months), Livia from Switzerland (2012-2013 for 1 1/2 years), Andrea from Austria (2014 for 2 1/2 months), Josephine from Sweden (2015 for 5 months) and Flo from Switzerland (2016 for 6 months).

Andrea and Josephine arrived first. I really don’t know who was more excited. We picked both up at the ubahn stop closest to our house. Josephine had already had a long day, waking up at 3:30 am in Stockholm. As with any good weekend in Munich, we started with lunch at a beer garden, this one at the famous Chinese Tower beer garden in the English garden.


We could have called this weekend Dye Au Pair Family Reunion a.k.a. Walking Through Munich. Because that what we did. We wandered through the gardens back to the surfers. IMG_4145[1]IMG_4152[1]

And over towards downtown to see the Glockenspiel at Marienplatz, exploring along the way.IMG_4159[1]

It’s the first Louis Vuitton I’ve ever coveted and a “steal” at $2,800 (and stealing would be the only way I’d ever get it). IMG_4161[1]IMG_4186[1]IMG_4190[1]

On second thought, this weekend could have been called Walking & Eating through Munich.” Friday night’s dinner pick was Spatenhaus, just off Marienplatz, with Bavarian and Austrian dishes. The food was so pretty. I’ve been missing fish and we may need to go back just so I can enjoy the salmon again. YUM. There, Flo joined us. IMG_4193[1]IMG_4196[1]IMG_4197[1]

Ainsley & Brenna were so excited to have 3 au pairs staying at our apartment that night!IMG_4207[1]IMG_4209[1]

Family breakfast and on our way to explore the market and meet up with Noemi.


Moose crackers from Sweden are more interesting & fun than our boring crackers.IMG_4216[1]

Noemi arrives!IMG_4219[1]

Brenna had planned a picnic in the park months ago–so that’s just what we did!IMG_4225[1]IMG_4230[1]

Even walking around together was so fun for the girls because they were just surrounded by love and attention. They flowed back and forth with all these amazing young women and were so happy.IMG_4232[1]

Noemi’s boyfriend, Kai, has 3 children, who we spent time with 2 years ago in Switzerland. Even though they don’t share too much of a common language, they find common ground in playing games.  IMG_4234[1]

Out & about again–in the midst of a festival honoring Munich’s 859 years. This guy roamed the crowd with a keg on his back and mugs to share.IMG_4236[1]

Normal Munich.IMG_4238[1]

We ate at the Hofbrauhaus, which, with over 1000 seats, loud people and an even louder oom-pa-pa band, is a great place for 19 (!) people to meet for dinner.IMG_4243[1]IMG_4245[1]IMG_4248[1]

Munich is the only place I know where people wear lederhosen and dirndls without irony (why yes, my calves ARE cold–these warmers will really help!)IMG_4254[1]

We had to be creative to reserve the seats for the others.IMG_4257[1]IMG_4260[1]

“Thirst is worse than homesickness.” TRUTH!IMG_4265[1]

Table #1:IMG_4271[1]

Table 2: In a funny and fabulous coincidence, my dear friend Lori from college and her husband, Mike, were in Munich visiting with their incredible former au pair, Franzi. It was amazing to share time and food together.IMG_4274[1]

This is what pig knuckle looks like. And no, that’s not cheese, as Flo thought as she took a mouthful–it’s horseradish!IMG_4277[1]

Such an amazing group & such happy girls!IMG_4279[1]

Dancing–the video is fabulous as well, but here they are in action…IMG_4284[1]IMG_4287[1]IMG_4293[1]IMG_4302[1]

Everyone took some time “together” to read kindles, check instagram, call home–such a funny photo!IMG_4306[1]

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